Dr King’s Harmony Helpline

These resources have been created by Chetham's very own Dr King, Head of Music in the curriculum.

Dr King’s Harmony Helpline is a series of tutorials aimed at Year 11, 12 and 13 music students who are looking for some extra support in their harmony and theory work. Taking you through step-by-step with clear visual illustrations, Dr King explains the methodology behind part writing, chord progressions, chromatic harmony and much more. Although these tutorials are directly linked to A-Level Music, these videos will be beneficial for anyone who studies advanced music or who want to expand their existing music theory knowledge.

Harmony 1.Triads – spacing, inversion, doubling

Harmony 1b.Part-writing.worksheet

Harmony 1c.Chord progressions

1. Introduction to chromatic harmony.worksheet

2. Secondary dominants in action.worksheet

3. Augmented 6th Chords.worksheet

4. The Neapolitan 6th chord.worksheet

Bach Chorales SK no 1a-b.Perfect cadences.worksheet

Bach Chorales SK no.1c.Imperfect cadences.worksheet

Bach Chorales SK no.2.Common melodic patterns.worksheet

Bach Chorales SK no.3.Complete phrase.worksheet