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From Our Team!

These resources have all been made by our very own Chetham's Outreach Team and are suitable for a range of ages. Enjoy!

These resources have been created by us for you to enjoy at home! There’s a mixture of tutorials, musical activities, instrumental demonstration and more! We’d love to see how you’re making music at home, either inspired by our resources or your own compositions, so please do get in touch. Check us out on Twitter for daily updates and more music adventures.

Recent Videos

Here are some of our recent videos, you can check out more in the links below!

Sing with Sarah

These videos will teach you step-by-step songs and pieces you can perform at home. Join us every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning!

Daily Demos 

Have you ever wanted to learn more about an instrument? Join us  on Twitter as students from Chetham’s School of Music play and discuss their chosen instrument.

Practice Time: Level up with Lily

Join Lily every Wednesday as she goes through some tips to make your practice more effective and fun! As the series goes on, there will be some more in-depth thoughts on practice, and Lily will have some friends from other instrument families join her to give their ideas about practising.

Take 10

Join us every Friday as we ‘Take 10’. This series will explore musical elements and details of pieces we love aiming to provide you with some time to listen and be present with music.