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From Our Team!

These resources have all been made by our very own Chetham's Outreach Team and are suitable for a range of ages. Enjoy!

These resources have been created by us for you to enjoy at home or school. We’ve taken some of our older resources down and there will be some new ones going up in the new year, but there is still lots to look at. Why not visit our interactive pages? We’d love to see how you’re making music at home, either inspired by our resources or your own compositions, so please do get in touch. Check us out on Twitter for daily updates and more music adventures.

Recent Videos

Here are some of our recent videos, you can check out more in the links below!

Top Tips

Discover Five Top Tips for Success!  Meet some of the Chetham’s tutors as they give you tips to improve your tone, posture and technique on your instrument. 

Dr King’s Harmony Helpline

Dr King’s Harmony Helpline is a series of tutorials aimed at Year 11, 12 and 13 music students who are looking for some extra support in their harmony and theory work. Taking you through step-by-step with clear visual illustrations, Dr King explains the methodology behind part writing, chord progressions, chromatic harmony and much more. Although these tutorials are directly linked to A-Level Music, these videos will be beneficial for anyone who studies advanced music or who want to expand their existing music theory knowledge.



We know we’re not quite there yet in terms of making our website and resources accessible to everyone but we’re working on it. If you are visiting our site and have some specific suggestions, please get in touch.