Our Relaxed Concert series offers performances devised and presented specifically for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities through interactive and inclusive music making. In a fun and safe environment, these events enable our guests to experience classical musical instruments in an immediate and inspiring way.

Our latest relaxed concert has been created for you to enjoy at home. You can just watch the concert, or get a little bit more involved and join in.

NB Activities may require adult supervision and / or assistance.

Download the Resources Pack to access activities and the Transcript document to view transcripts of the concert.

Relaxed Concert resources

Relaxed Concert transcript

Songs included in this concert:
Hello Song – 0’16’’
Journey Song – 3’35’’
Jogging Song – 5’45’’
Journey Song – 7’55’’
Spanish Song – 9’44’’
Journey Song – 11’36’’
Football Song – 13’27’’
Sleeping Song – 15’07’’
Playground Song – 17’55’’
Journey Song – 20’30’’
City Song – 22’17’’
Journey Song – 23’57’’
Cinema Song – 25’47’’
Goodbye Song – 28’00’’

Thanks to our friends at DIY Theatre for their help and support!

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