In 2022, we had the pleasure of going into 10 primary schools across Greater Manchester to work with classes to explore the ‘Greatest Inventions of the last 50 years’.

Through workshops in school with our amazing animateur, Sarah, pupils were able to learn about STEM through musical and creative activities, share their creative ideas and develop their performance and presentation skills.

Workshop 1: Young people were introduced to our choice of invention, and encouraged to respond creatively

Workshop 2: Pupils brought their own choice of invention from the last 50 years. Depending on what was contributed, the facilitator worked with the pupils to develop thier ideas and create new music

Workshop 3: Pupils brought their own design of a new invention to the session and worked on a piece of music. At the end of this session, their three world-premieres were presented to the ret of the school in assembly.

Not only did we go into schools, but we also presented an interactive musical concert in the Stoller Hall at Chethams, exploring some of our favourite inventions in a musical way, with the help of Professor Lightbulb and his musical crew. Many of the inventions we chose came from ideas given to us by the young people we worked with in schools.

Musicians and teachers from Chetham’s worked with 2,500 children over this project, and we welcomed more than 300 of them to The Stoller Hall to enjoy Professor Lightbulb’s Marvellous Inventions concert too!

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