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Back On Site!

We’ve had a really exciting week here in the Outreach Department.  After 200 days apart we have finally been able to be back on site!  It has been great to share ideas in person (socially distanced of course!) rather than through a screen.  We know that many people are still working remotely and so we feel very grateful for this opportunity to see colleagues, even if at a distance.  Our discussions have included plans for a Top Tips series from Chetham’s tutors, a Relaxed Concert recording to be streamed in November and plans for musical projects involving Chetham’s and Salford students in the New Year.  We are also looking at what we can do to support music professionals to maximise their digital confidence and efficiency.  We are keen to make our projects as relevant and useful as possible so please do get in touch if there is anything you’d like to see us doing! Email us at or Tweet @ChetsOutreach


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