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We’re on a roll!

What a busy month we’ve had! A lot is going on in the world and it can be a real challenge to adjust to it all but we have found music invaluable in helping us cope during this time. The Outreach team have been working hard to collate and produce digital resources that can help you stay creative and musical. 

Weekday mornings, we start our day off with Sing with Sarah! This series brings you tutorials, broken down into manageable chunks, so you can learn new songs little bits at a time. Sarah also challenges you to try Tongue Twister Teasers for every letter of the alphabet. The perfect way to wake up your mind in the morning, how fast can you go?

Our Daily Demo series introduces a new instrument every day through videos made by students from Chetham’s School of Music. They play and discuss their chosen instrument, including the best bits and most challenging parts! We also provide a source sheet which links you to external online resources where you can find out more about the history of each instrument and how you might begin to learn it yourself. Inspired by the Daily Demo series, our very own Sarah Atter has taken up the Cello!

Home-schooling has been a big learning curve for everyone, us included, which is why we decided to create Practice Time: Level Up with Lily. This series brings you tips and tricks that can make your practice more effective and fun! From setting up your practice space to warming up on your instrument, the weekly episodes bring clarity on how to tackle many common challenges of instrumental practice. 

With all the busyness of working and learning from home, we think it is now more important than ever to take a step back and be calm;
Take 10 is exactly that. Each Friday we enjoy a guided exploration into musical elements and details of pieces we love, aiming to provide you with some time to listen and be present with music. We share a link to a recording so you can then enjoy the extract for yourself and listen out for key features we’ve discussed. 

These projects are just some of the ways you can continue to be creative and musical, we’d love to see your ideas too! Get in touch with us on Twitter or through our Get Involved page to share your own tips and tricks for keeping busy during these unprecedented times. Check out some of the teams’ musical hacks below!


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