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New Year, New Decade

We can’t wait to share with you all our exciting plans and projects going on in the Outreach department this year! Our partnership with Nordoff Robbins is continuing this year with a project which introduces Chetham’s students to Music Therapy and furthers their understanding of how music can be used to support people’s needs. We believe it’s vitally important for our students to have a broad understanding of the impact music can have and the ways it can be used so opportunities like this one are really special. You can check out the project in more detail here!

Our sixth form students will also be involved in a new project with Olympias Music Foundation, providing mentorship for young violin scholars. Chetham’s students will be working with the violinists to inspire and support them in their learning. This experience will be great not only for the scholars but also for our students as they can experience firsthand what it is like to work with and mentor young musicians. They will also gain useful skills and tools that they can take with them in their future professional development. Involving our students in Outreach projects is something we’re passionate about here and we can’t wait to continue celebrating the great work they do!

Our regular Schools and Families Concerts are kicking off this year with ‘A Dinosaur Adventure’ where a baby dinosaur needs to be reunited with his mum. The musicians are the only ones around to help him, so they’ll need your help! After that, we’ll be going on a massive adventure with ‘Stoller Hall Goes to Space’. In a huge space rocket where we can explore planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies and even find some aliens! We’d love for you to join us, tickets can be found on our What’s On page or you can get in touch via the Get Involved page for more information.


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