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Moving Forward

I think our Music in Residence project may be one of the most exciting projects we have been involved in. We’re really enjoying spending time and delivering workshops in our four schools and have loved meeting their wonderful students. It’s so interesting getting to understand more about how music operates in each setting. Now we’re starting to think even more about skill development and ideas for moving forward, the team here at Chets will be developing a list of helpful organisations and resources the schools can access as we move forward. There might be organisations or resources you know of which might be helpful to the schools taking part in the project. If you can share them with us, we can make them available in the secure project area for colleagues within the project to see. Once again, we must thank the Booth Charities for their support for this activity. The Phase 2 workshops have already commenced and it will be super busy between now and the end of March as we work with each school on their chosen theme. We can’t wait!


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