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New term new projects!

Well, what a busy start to the new school year it’s been! We have so many projects lined up it can be hard to keep track of them all (but, don’t worry…we will!). Our Music in Residence project has already kicked off and workshops get underway really soon in 4 Salford primary schools. Don’t miss Sound Experiment, the first of our 2018-19 Schools and Family concerts – a brilliant exploration of sound and how it works. At just £43.60 for a group of up to 35 can you afford to miss it?! Violetta will be out on the road again soon –watch out Warrington, here we come! Very shortly we’ll be putting a call and invitations out for young composers to join our ‘This Woman’s Work’ project – a chance to work with amazing film composer Laura Rossi. If you want to get involved or just hear more about what’s going on, sign up via the Get Involved page. We’d love to hear from you.




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